Extended Services

Schools are typically at the heart of the community they serve and are ideally placed to offer access to a range of extended services that can have a positive impact on standards and the life chances of children, young people and families.

What is meant by Extended Services In and Around Schools?

By 2010, all children should have access to a variety of extended services in or around their school in particular:-

  • Primary Schools to offer high quality childcare from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday for 48 weeks of the year in accordance with their local community needs.
  • Schools to provide support and information for parents of the children in their school
  • Schools ensure that children with additional needs are identified early, and well supported through integrated working with other services (e.g. those services may be provided by the local authority, the community or voluntary organisations or charities)
  • To make available to the community, if possible, facilities such as ICT Suites, sports and arts facilities, thereby maximising their use. The facilities may also be used for adult learning.

It is recognised that not all Schools will be able to provide all these services on School premises. If this is the case, they should “signpost” or direct parents to other organisations which do.

What are the benefits of Extended Services in Schools?

Independent evaluation and Ofsted have shown the positive impact extended services can have, including:

  • improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance;
  • reduce exclusion rates;
  • better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning;
  • enhance children’s and families access to services.

What Extended Services does Goldsworth offer?

Before and after School Childcare facilities

  • Wise Owl Club is a before and after school club for Goldsworth pupils. The club is held on School premises and has access to a number of its facilities. It is open Monday to Friday during term-time.
  • Teachers run after school clubs. There is usually no charge and cover a wide variety of interests such as drama, sport and cookery.

Parenting Support

As pupils progress through school, parents have the opportunity to attend information meetings where teachers provide guidance on how parents can help their children’s education at home.

Children with Additional Needs

Goldsworth Primary School is fortunate to have a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who not only teaches children with additional needs but also acts as a liaison with specialist services such as occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Community Use

Goldsworth Primary School is used for a wide variety of activities by the local community. Please see our Community Use page for full details.

Woking Schools Learning Partnership

In Woking, as in other parts of Surrey, schools are coming together to work to deliver the above. Goldsworth are part of the group of local schools known as the Woking Schools Learning Partnership.