Achieving Potential

Our aim is that every child achieves their potential. We know that all children arrive at school with different experiences and Goldsworth aims to ensure they reach their full potential. We recognise that every child has a talent and celebrate all children’s achievements whether in or out of school.

Some children may require some extra support. Our “Goldsworth Whole School Provision Waves of Intervention” shows interventions that we use.

Gifted and Talented

At Goldsworth we aim for all children to aim high and therefore reach their potential. We ensure they are  challenged appropriately in class and we reward effort, resilience and determination. Children who demonstrate particular academic strengths are given further challenges to deepen their understanding and help them apply their skills to other areas of the curriculum. Children are encouraged to bring in certificates, medals and awards which they receive at out-of-school clubs – many children demonstrate exceptional talents which we wish to recognise and promote.