Parent Information

At Goldsworth, we firmly believe that a key factor in helping children develop and achieve, lies in the relationship between home and school. Parents are always welcome in school and we work hard to ensure there are as many opportunities as possible for parents/carers to work with us. Parents are welcome to meet with teachers both formally and informally: we aim to keep parents informed through our weekly newsletter (Fridays) and regularly consult with parents for their view on various school issues.

For information and answers to commonly asked questions, please refer to our A-Z of Goldsworth below.

A-Z of Goldsworth


A recent Department for Education and Employment document states, “Pupils need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them in law. Generally the rule should be that only truly exceptional occasions should be sanctioned through authorised absence”. The Department for Education and Employment requires us to keep a record of all absences and we have to report on these. Please inform us of the reason for absence either by telephone call, personal contact or letter. If we do not hear about the reasons for absence by any of these methods we are obliged to record it as unauthorised. If absences are taken without approval a penalty notice will be issued. Each parent will be liable to receive a Penalty Notice for each child who is absent. The penalty is £60.00 per child per parent/carer if paid within 21 days or £120.00 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days. Failure to pay the penalty notice will result in you being served a summons to appear at the Magistrates Court. If the absence exceeds 20 days, your child’s name will be removed from the school roll and you will have to reapply for a place upon your return. An application for leave form must be obtained from the office, completed and returned if you for any exceptional circumstances will be taking your child out of school. Authorised or approved absences include:

  • Illness
  • Religious observance
  • Medical or dental treatment (although this should be outside school hours if possible)
  • Any absence agreed with the school (e.g. illness/death in the family or approved sporting or musical activity)

If you are unavoidably delayed we would appreciate a phone call. Please also refer to Holidays.

Public Health Guidance
Please refer to the following public health guidance: Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings


Class assemblies take place in the large hall on Thursdays at 9.00 am and last approximately 20 minutes. Each class performs an assembly once a year and takes part in a year group assembly (Year 2 Nativity and Year 6 Performance). Reception Classes perform once a year in their Class Nativity.  Parents are invited to watch their own child’s assembly , the date of which can be found in the Dates for Your Diary section on the website although in most cases the children themselves will remind parents when their assembly is about to take place. Younger siblings are welcome during assemblies but please be considerate to other parents and children who are watching and take them out if they cause a disturbance.

Certificate Assemblies take place each term when children are recognised for their effort, perseverance, upholding school values, positive attitude towards learning and personal achievements. In these assemblies, a child in each class will receive a Golden Owl award.

We an end of year flagpole assembly is a farewell to the Year 6 children and a celebration of the end of the academic year. All parents are invited; it lasts about 45 minutes and takes place at 9.00a.m. on the last day of term. We also celebrate Christmas and Easter at St Mary of Bethany Church and parents are very welcome.

Assertive Discipline

It is school policy to maintain its high standard of behaviour through the use of Assertive Discipline. This involves the use of praise and positive comments to encourage the behaviour expected within the school. It encourages the children to feel good about themselves and so strive to improve their attitude towards themselves and others. There are sanctions in place for children who continually go beyond the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, which are used where appropriate, but are always balanced against the need to maintain the child’s self-esteem.

At the beginning of each academic year the children create their own class rules. A copy of these class rules, rewards and consequences are displayed in each classroom and referred to as appropriate.

All classes have a cube/ brick/ marble in the jar system in which they earn the chance to put one of these in the jar by demonstrating respect for others and good listening and learning. This in turn earns a treat for the class when the jar is full. In addition, each class teacher operates their own rewards, helping to encourage positive behaviour, class cohesion, teamwork and hard work.


Throughout their time at school, children’s work is continually assessed and individual targets set. More formal assessments include: Reception – The Foundation Stage Profile Assessments are ongoing throughout the child’s first year at school. They are carried out wholly through observation of the child in all seven of the areas of learning of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The children will also be tested in Years 2 and 6 according to National requirements. Children in Year 1 will also take part in the Phonics Screening Check and children in Year 4 will complete the Multiplication Timestable Check. Any parents who wish to know more about how the assessments are administered are welcome to talk to the class teacher.


If your child suffers from asthma, it is essential that you inform the office and the class teacher of the child’s condition. The parent must also fill out a asthma booklet, which can be collected from the school office. Any changes to the child’s medication must be notified in writing from the parent or the doctor. The child should be provided with the necessary medication clearly marked with his/her name. All inhalers are kept in a separate box in the classroom and are taken by the teacher or teaching assistant to PE lessons and outings etc. Parents are responsible for checking any inhalers or medicines are within their use by date and replacing them when necessary. Please make sure your child knows how to use their inhaler and has a review with an asthma nurse regularly.


Book Week

This involves a focus on literacy throughout the school. The children get to dress up as their favourite book character for one day during the week, a bedtime reading evening is put on by the Infant teachers and we have visits from either famous authors or outside performance agencies! There is also a sale of new books in the small hall for 2 afternoons. The children are invited to purchase books if they wish on a given day, when they will be taken to the exhibition with their class teacher. Parents are invited to visit the book display after school. Overall, it is a fun packed week! Further details are sent home nearer the time.

Car Parking

Governors, parents and teachers are concerned about the safety of children on their way to and from school. We need help from all of you to ensure that no one is injured near the school. Please note, the car park is for the use of staff only. The barrier is operational between 8am and 4pm.

Charging and Remissions

The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that a wide range of additional activities, including clubs, visits and residential experiences can make towards children’s personal and social education.

The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad, balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities. Activities can only take place if parents are prepared to make voluntary contributions towards the costs.

The Governors reserve the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school:

  • residential visits
  • day visits
  • activities outside school hours
  • costs of some equipment, ingredients and material
  • losses and breakages
  • swimming
  • theatre/music groups visiting school

The Governing Body may amend the categories of activity for which a charge is made.

We rely on voluntary contributions to fund these activities, and welcome your co-operation, as any shortfall has to be subsidised from school fund. As resources are limited, activities may have to be cancelled if sufficient voluntary contributions are not received.

Where the parent of a pupil is in receipt of income support or family credit, the Governing Body will consider contributions towards the cost of board and lodging for any residential activity which it organises.

In other circumstances of family hardship parents should apply in confidence to the Governing Body, via the Headteacher, for the remission of charges in part or in full.

Child Care

See Before and After School Childcare page for more information.

Child Protection

We are committed to the safety of the children and all staff are trained in Safeguarding. It is our duty to follow up any concerns in relation to a child’s welfare. Our policy can be found on the Policies page. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs E Knight and the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs G Samuel, Miss E Baird, Mrs J Foley and Miss J Williams.


This is a busy time of year for all of us. As dates for events may change it is important to read and keep safely the most recent newsletter you will receive.

The Christmas Fayre is run by the Friends of Goldsworth School and is always an exciting event. It usually takes in December. For the period before the event requests will be put out for suitable goods to sell (cakes, bottles, gifts etc). Please help where you can; The Friends work very hard to make this event a success and all profits are used within the school to enhance your child’s education and experiences.

The Christmas celebrations are held in December and can take a variety of forms. All parents are invited and details of the performances will be published nearer the time.

Christmas parties take place in school in the fortnight before school finishes. The Class Representative is responsible for organising the food for the parties and you will be asked to make a contribution towards your child’s party. Extra help is often required to help with the setting up of the parties so please help where you can.

A Christmas Service at St. Mary of Bethany Church usually takes place on the last 2 days of term. Teachers and children walk to the church in the morning and parents are also invited to attend. More information is available nearer the time and some parent help will be needed to walk the children there.

Year 6 parents will be invited to the Christingle Service, which takes place in the school hall on the last day of term.

Class Representatives

Each class has a parent who liaises between the teacher and the parents concerning such events as Christmas parties, tuck shop etc. They are a very important asset in the communication process but please note their role is not one of passing on complaints or confidential information; these should be addressed directly to the teacher concerned.

Classroom Windows (Infants Only)

Please regularly check your class window for notices and reminders from the teacher about forthcoming events or help required. Year 1 and 2 staff have a planner displayed in their windows which informs parents what their child will be doing in their numeracy and literacy for the forthcoming week. Reception display topic planners for that term.


There are a variety of clubs available for the children to attend both at lunch times and after school. Please see the School Clubs page for full details.


All information from the school will be sent out via email or text message. You will then be emailed letters relevant to the whole school, your child’s class and club information. If you do not have access to an e-mail account please contact the school office. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep the school informed of any changes to your details.

Contact Details

It is vital that we have up-to-date addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact details for you. Please ensure if you or your emergency contacts move or change phone numbers, that you complete the Pupil Information Update Form and return to the school office.

Disclosure and Barring Service

(Formerly known as CRB checks)

If you would like to help in school it is important that you have a DBS certificate. There is a small, one off fee of £8.25, which the school asks parents to cover. Details of the application process are available at the school office.


You are welcome to inspect documents issued by the Local Education (L.E.A.), The Department for Education and Employment (D.F.E.E.), the Governors’ and curriculum documents produced by the School. Please let us know in advance so that we can make sure that they are ready for you.


For health and safety reasons, please do not bring dogs onto the school premises. Dogs are also not permitted to be tied up/left unattended at the school gates.

End of Day

If you arrange for someone to collect your child at the end of the day please make sure that your child and the teacher know about the arrangements. Above all please do everything you can to make sure your child is met promptly when school finishes as it causes children unhappiness if they think they have been forgotten and staff are not always available to look after them. For safety reasons we will not allow Junior children to collect and take home Infant children, they must be collected by a specified adult.

If you are unavoidably delayed we would appreciate a phone call. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances occur and will ensure that your child is well cared for until your arrival. Children who are repeatedly collected more than 10 minutes late will be put in the Wise Owl Club and the parents will be charged.

End of Term

School finishes at 1:15pm on the last day of each term.

Friends of Goldsworth School

There is a committee of wonderful parents who work hard to raise money and enrich the school experiences for both the children and their parents. They organise a variety of events including Fayres in the Christmas and Summer terms, tuck shop, social events and all manner of other activities. There is always a lot to do so they are keen to get new blood into the group. If you think you have some spare time and would like to put it to good use, please make contact via the Friends of Goldsworth website.


As required by law our school has a board of governors. Please see the Governors page.


Children should not be taken out of school for holidays as this interrupts your child’s education. Such absences will always be recorded as unauthorised. If there are extenuating circumstances where you may need to keep children away from school please write to, or make an appointment to see the Headteacher.


Parents and guardians are encouraged to give time to their children and to talk with them about their school day and other items of interest. Parents are encouraged to support children with homework throughout their school journey.

For more details please see the Homework Policy on the policies page


These are days when the school is closed to the children to enable the teachers to have relevant professional training, or in-service training. Although it may appear to be inconvenient to some parties, it is essential that all teachers are kept abreast of new and existing challenges. Whole school training sessions have proved to be the most efficient and cost effective way of delivering this training.

Dates of inset days are available on the Term Dates page.

Key Stages

The Key Stage system was introduced at the same time as the National Curriculum. The Foundation Stage relates to children of Nursery and Reception age. Children start Goldsworth at Reception age, coming from a variety of Nurseries with some beginning their journey with us here at Golden Owls. Key Stage 1 relates to children from Year 1 to Year 2 (5-7 years of age) which had previously been known as the Infant stage. Key stage 2 refers to Years 3,4,5 and 6 (7-11 years of age) and previously known as the Junior stage.


Department for Education guidance says “A pupil arriving late may seriously disrupt not only his or her continuity of learning but also that of others”. The classroom doors open at 8.40 and the registers will be taken at 8.50am, please ensure your child is punctual. Children who arrive after 8.50am will be recorded as ‘late’ and must be registered at the School Office.

Lost Property

A surprising amount of lost clothing and equipment turns up at the end of every day! It is imperative that your child’s name is marked clearly on EVERYTHING brought into school and checked regularly to ensure that the name is still legible. Named items are returned to the children. Any unnamed items are put in lost property boxes and bagged up for our Happy School Bag collection, if not claimed.


General Health Assessments are carried out by the School Nursing team for Reception and Year 6 pupils. Height, weight and vision are checked. Parental consent is sought via an Opt Out slip which is sent home with the child. Flu immunisations are offered to pupils in years 1 and 2, parental consent is sought. Please arrange for injections against polio, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus to be given before your child starts school. Please keep a close eye on your child’s hair remembering that lice and nits thrive in clean hair. Please inform the school if you suspect your child has head lice so that other parents can be asked to check their own children immediately.


Please see our Medicines in School page.


It is possible for children to have milk in school. Reception age children receive this free until the week before their 5th birthday. After this parents can subscribe on a termly basis through or on 0800 3213248. The milk is kept chilled in a designated fridge and sent down to the child’s class at snack time. Please also see SNACKS.

Modern Foreign Languages

All children in years 3 to 6 are taught Spanish. We also celebrate the diverse languages spoken by children in the school.

Mufti Days

These are fundraising non-uniform days. The children are invited to pay a small sum of money for the privilege of not wearing school uniform. The money raised goes towards the school fund or a named charity e.g. Children In Need, Red Nose Day. We often also have non-uniform days before a school fayre and instead of donating money you are asked to donate items for the fayre e.g. bath products or wine!

Nut Allergies

We are a NUT FREE school as we have several children in school that have severe nut allergies. For this reason please ensure any food sent into school, in lunch boxes, for tuck shop, as birthday sweets does not contain nuts. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and well as fruit and nut cereal bars. If your child has a nut or other allergy please inform us in writing and provide a recent photograph. If you require further information about foods that are suitable for your child’s class please ask the relevant teacher.

Online Safety

This is something we take very seriously at Goldsworth. We remind the children on a regular basis about the importance of online safety. Our online policy is be found on the Policies page.

Open Afternoons

There is an Open Afternoon the last Thursday before the Spring and Summer half terms. Parents are invited into their child’s classroom between 3 and 3.30pm to celebrate their child’s work with them.  These are not meant as an opportunity for a teacher-parent consultation.  If you need to talk to the teacher, it is requested that you make an appointment for an alternative time.

At the end of the Summer Term, the school holds a Celebration Evening to display children’s work. The children show their parents around the school to celebrate the high standard of work achieved.

Open Evenings

See Parent’s Consultation Evenings page.

Outdoor Play

It is important that all children come to school equipped for outdoor play especially with regards to our ever-changing climate!  Please ensure your child has a warm coat, woolly hat, gloves and scarf during the colder winter months and a sunhat for the hotter months.  A jumper or cardigan should be available to them all year round in their bags. Please ensure that all these items are named.  Sun cream should be applied to children before they come to school during the Summer months but named bottles can be left with the children if they are able to re-apply it themselves, for example after swimming. Unfortunately children are not able to share sun cream and adults in school cannot apply it for them.

It is particularly important that reception children are equipped for the outdoors as much of the curriculum is delivered in the outdoor classroom.


Each class usually has at least one outing a term related to work they have been doing in the classroom.  These outings are valuable educational experiences and are generally enjoyed by all.  Parental permission must be given for a child to be allowed to go (a form will be sent home at an appropriate time).  The cost of the trip is generally met by voluntary contributions from the parents.  Although no child can be refused inclusion on the trip due to non-payment of the contribution, failure to cover the cost of the trip may result in the outing having been cancelled.

Payment for trips can be made via our on-line payment system (see Arbor).

A risk assessment is carried out by staff before the trip and appropriate parent helpers are chosen to aid the teacher in ensuring children’s safety.

Parents’ Consultation Evenings

See Parents’ Consultation Evening page.


Please see Travelling to School.

Personal Belongings

Parents are asked to give a donation to school for the purchase of basic equipment. Children are asked not to bring their own pencil cases and resources into school.

No cash should be brought into school unless specifically requested e.g. for non-uniform days, charity collections, tuck shop etc.

Normal times – No toys, unless specified for show and tell, should be brought into school. Equipment for use in the playground is provided so children do not need to bring their own. However, skipping ropes and airflow balls can be brought in if named. Again, they are the responsibility of the owner.


This is a reference to the sound each letter of the alphabet makes.  It is essential in the process of learning to read that children can use letter sounds to build up unfamiliar words, therefore parents (especially in the early years) can aid this process greatly by using the letter sounds as opposed to the letter names.  Here at Goldsworth, we follow the Read Write Inc programme. More information can be found on our English curriculum page and there is also a Reception Phonics workshop offered to parents in the Autumn term. Any parent who needs to enquire further into the sounds etc. is invited to speak to his/her child’s teacher.


School photographs happen twice during the year. The first set, in the Autumn term, are individual photos of the children. If children have siblings within the school a photograph with all their siblings will also be taken. Later on in the year, a whole class photograph is taken. Both of these are led by an outside photograph company and proofs are sent home for you to view. You can then decide if you wish to place and order online or send the form and payment to school. Once the photographs have been printed they will posted to your home address. Look out for the dates in the school newsletter.

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is funding from the government to support the education of children where there is financial difficulty e.g. a drop in income or change in family circumstances. If we have your National Insurance Number, we are able to check eligibility and therefore ensure the pupils at Goldsworth are receiving their full entitlement from the government. No other financial information will be disclosed to us. If you child is in the juniors they may also be entitled to Free School Meals. Please help us claim our full entitlement by contacting the school office. For further information, please see the Pupil Premium page.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Written reports of the children’s progress are given to parents in the second half of the Summer term. If you would like to discuss this report further, then please make an appointment with your child’s teacher.

School Council

One child from each Year 1 – Year 6 class is selected to represent their class on the School Council for up to a term.  Reception representatives are elected and start in the Summer term. The School Council meets once every week and it is the Class Representative’s responsibility to bring any concerns, questions or requests forward at these meetings.  Any points made are taken to the Headteacher/staff for discussion and decisions made are then relayed at the next meeting for School Council representative to report back to their class.

School Grounds

Goldsworth Primary School is a no-smoking area and smoking is not permitted anywhere in the premises or on the grounds.

Please also ensure that pupils and younger sibling are supervised at all times when on the school premises. Children should not be allowed to play on the Infant and Junior playground equipment before or after school as we are not insured against injury outside of school hours. This is also the case for the Reception corral area as this takes considerable time to set up before the school day begins and pack away at the end of each day.

Please also ensure that children do not ride on their scooters or bicycles in the school grounds.

Please also see Dogs.

School Hours

Infant Department


8.40am – 11:30 am
12:30pm –  3.20pm

Year 1:

8.40am – 11:45 am
12:30pm –  3.20pm

Year 2:

8.40am – 12:00 pm
11:00pm –  3.20pm

Direct teaching time 25 hours 25 minutes per week (excluding registration and assembly).

Infant teachers greet parents and children from 8.40 at the classroom patio doors. All Infant children should be brought directly to the classroom door by parents.

Junior Department

8.40am – 12.00pm
1.00pm –  3.20pm

Direct teaching time 25 hours 50 minutes per week (excluding registration and assembly).

In Juniors, children are able to walk around to their classroom by themselves but to ensure their safety, should not arrive earlier than 8:30am when playground supervision commences.

School Houses

When children join Goldsworth they are put in one of the following houses:  Attenborough, Rowling, Einstein or Nightingale.  They will be in the same house as older siblings.  Children earn house points for things such as excellent effort, quality of work produced and good manners.   Events such as sports day, other inter-house competitions and the swimming gala are opportunities for the children to represent their house.

School Meals

Please see the School Meals page.


See Absences.


As part of the Government’s ‘5 a day’ healthy eating scheme all Infant children are provided with fresh fruit and vegetable snacks to eat at playtime. However, it is only provided in batches of one variety therefore, we ask parents to supplement the selection. Reception and Infant parents are asked to provide one or two pieces of fruit at some point throughout each week. This gives the children some choice and variety as well as encouraging them to try foods they may not have done before – peer pressure can sometimes be a good thing! If your child is unable to eat fruit or vegetables for any reason please come and see us. It is possible that you can provide them with a piece of cheese or breadstick in a labelled container.

In Key Stage Two children are encouraged to bring in snacks to eat at morning break.  These snacks must be small so as not to spoil the child’s appetite for lunch.  No sweets or chocolate are allowed. The ideal snack is a piece of fruit, vegetable or piece of cheese etc.

Children are encouraged to bring in named water bottles which are kept inside the classroom. These can be refilled from various drinking water outlets around the school. Water bottles are available to buy from the school office.

Sports Day

Infant and Junior Sports Days take place during the Summer Term.  Children practise for the races during PE lessons. All parents are invited.

Surrey Arts

Surrey Arts is part of Surrey County Council.  Instrumental tutors employed by Surrey Arts teach a variety of one- to-one and small group instrumental lessons at the school.  If you would like your child to have instrumental lessons, you should visit the Surrey Arts website. Please note that Surrey Arts tutors are not employees of Goldsworth Primary School.  Any questions you may have about your child’s instrumental lessons should be directed to your child’s instrumental teacher or to Surrey Arts head office.

Swimming Gala

This takes place in the Summer Term and is an inter-house competition for children in the Juniors. All children take part in races.

Swimming Lessons

Over the course of the academic year each class is allocated sessions in the school swimming pool. We have a fantastic covered swimming pool which enables us to provide swimming lessons throughout the year. An experienced, qualified swimming teacher is employed to take these lessons.  Parents are asked to make a nominal contribution to enable these lessons to continue.  Requests are also made for parents to help in the pool and/or with the drying of the children after the lessons. This is of particular importance at the younger end of the school.  Usual swimming requirements include a swimsuit, swimming hat, towel, goggles (if needed) and waterproof bag, all clearly named.

Talk Partners

The children will have the opportunity to work with every other child in the class as a talk partner. These partners change on a regular basis and support and improve children’s learning and development.  Infants &/or Juniors.

Travelling to School

At Goldsworth, the safety and well-being of everyone is paramount and as the roads around School can be very busy, we actively encourage families to leave their cars at home and walk, cycle or scooter to School. Not only this is a healthier option and reduces congestion and air pollution, it is often the walk to school that provides a perfect opportunity to chat with the children and find out about their day.

If it is absolutely necessary for you to drive to or from school, please note that you are not allowed to bring cars into the school car park between 8.15 – 9.15am and 3.00 – 3.45pm.

Informal One Way System – We have implemented an informal one way system which we encourage parents to follow for safety reasons.  This entails entering Bridge Barn Lane via the roundabout and exiting by turning first right into Mabel Street just after the school gates.  When driving outside school please be considerate of other road users –  keep speeds low, do not mount the kerbs, do not park on the pathways, avoid reversing and do not block driveways.

As Bridge Barn Lane is so busy at peak times, you may find it easier to ‘park and stride’ by parking a little further away and walking 5 minutes to school.


This takes place in the week preceding the half term break.  Its original purpose was a mathematical challenge for the children but it also serves to fundraise for the school.  Each child is invited to bring in 50p and is given the opportunity to purchase 2 cakes and a piece of fruit for that price. Please remember we are a nut-free school so all cakes made or donated must not contain nuts.


All children must wear school uniform which creates a positive image for the School.  Jumpers, cardigans and fleeces with the school logo are available to buy from Valentino Schoolwear in Knaphill. PE t-shirts and shorts are also available. PE kits should be in school every day and kept in a drawstring bag.

Watches may be worn by children in Years 2 – 6 but the School cannot be responsible for loss or damage.  The watch must be named and be entirely the responsibility of the owner.

Please ensure all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled.

School Uniform

  • White shirt/ polo shirt or blouse
  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or tunic
  • Bottle green cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Bottle green fleece
  • Grey, black or white socks, grey or green tights
  • Summer dress – green and white checked
  • Sensible footwear – flat, closed toe black shoes (no heels) – no boots or trainers
  • Outerwear to suit weather conditions

PE Kit

  • T-shirt in house colour
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers with velcro or laces if your child is able to tie laces
  • Tracksuit
  • Reception children: Please provide Reception children with a change of underwear, which can be kept in their PE bag.

The Friends of Goldsworth Primary School organise a nearly new shop.  If you require further details please enquire at the office.


Children must not wear jewellery at school as it represents a safety hazard in PE not only to the wearer but also to others.  Children who have pierced ears may wear small ear studs only and these must be removed on PE or swimming days. No looped or fancy earrings may be worn at any time in school.  As keepers cannot be removed for six weeks, this means children cannot take part in PE during this time – for this reason ear piercing must be carried out at the start of the summer holiday.


Children with long hair should have this tied back at all times.

Children must not have hairstyles fitting the following description:

  • Lines shaved into the hair
  • Patterns shaved into the hair
  • Hairstyles which are extreme. This includes hairstyles where the sides are much shorter that the top


The welfare of your child is extremely important and our utmost priority. If you feel your child needs support with their emotional needs please inform the class teacher. The school has some trained staff to support with Emotional Literacy and bereavement.

If there are any home circumstances that may affect your child’s learning please let us know, as their welfare is very important to us. All staff are trained in Safeguarding and the Designated Safeguarding Leads are listed in the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – please refer to our Policies page.

Wise Owl Club

Wise Owl Club is the School’s successful Before and After School Club. Please see the Before and After School Childcare page for more information.