Reception Admissions

Welcome to Go
ldsworth Primary School

To confirm your child’s admission, please click on the links below to complete the necessary forms and to read our guides.

    1. Online Admission Form – this is required so that the school has all the contact details and medical information about your child.
    2. Nursery/Day Care Form – this is extremely important to help ensure your child has a smooth transition into school. If your child attends/attended nursery or day care, could you please fill in the nursery form. This is so that we can contact them to do a handover.
    3. Reception Guide – covers everything you need to know in the first year of school, and may answer any questions you have at this time.
    4. A-Z of Goldsworth – covers everything we do in school.

If you have any problems, please contact the School Office on 01483 771321 or email


Looking forward to seeing you.

School Admissions Team